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Our services are provided by verified editors, graduated from UK’s top univesities. This ensures your documents are free from AI and plagiarism.

Student / Academic Services

Content Editing & Essay / Dissertation

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£12.99 / 1000

A proofreading service gives you more than just basic checking of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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Heavy Editing

£17.99 / 1000

Go beyond proofreading. We enhance the flow and style of the document’s written English.

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£29.99 / 1000

Paraphrasing is the process of rewording the original sentences while maintaining the meaning.

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£49.99 / 1000

Our expert editors will help with turning ideas you may be struggling with into coherent sentences.

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£14.99 / 50 pages

Finalise your document by having our experienced team of editors format it and prepare it for print.

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Reference Fomatting

£30 / first 30

Once you’ve written your essay, we polish your reference list or bibliography before submission.



We do the hard work and convert your audio files into professionally-written documents.



State the aim of your summary and let our expert staff create a clear, professional overview of your text.

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University Entry & Careers

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CV/Cover Letter

£49.99 / document

Paraphrasing is the process of rewording the original sentences while maintaining the meaning.

Personal Statement

£49.99 / 600 words

Make a positive impression on the university’s selection panel with a tailored personal statement.

Your Future Success


Unlock your path to success with Proofessor’s expert guidance

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Go beyond a simple spell-check and ensure your text reads academically.

Heavy Editing

Strengthen weak sentences and turn them into strong academic text.


Paraphrasing or re-writing rewording and reorganises the source text.

Word Expansion

Expansion takes a further step to rewriting, turning ideas into coherent text.


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