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Word Expansion

Cost: £49.99 per thousand words

Expansion takes rewriting a step further. It’s ideal if you have an idea that you’re struggling to turn into a paragraph or sentence, or are you unsure about how to write it academically. It’s also useful if you simply want to spend more time thinking about the contents of your essay rather than writing it. Expansion can also be used in conjunction with paraphrasing if you have written everything you can but are still short of the required word count.


Why Word Expansion?

Word expansion is useful in the following cases:

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To turn your ideas into academic-style paragraphs, allowing you to present your ideas in the best way possible

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To increase the number of words in your document, allowing you to meet the minimum word count

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To add a professional polish to any parts of your essay or dissertation that you may be finding it difficult to write yourself

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Please note: This service does not involve performing original research, finding references or writing complete essays. Our editors will need to review your document before we can accept your case – therefore, please be patient

word expansion

How does it work?

A simple, three-step process to turning your ideas into full text

Share Your Ideas

Send us a list of bullet points or an outline of your ideas

Be Detailed

Include as much detail as possible in your bullet points since this will allow the writer to prepare a better paragraph

We Take Over

An expert writer will turn your bullet point ideas into full and detailed paragraphs

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To increase your document’s word count: If you have, for example, a 3,000-word essay but need to write at least 4,000 words, our word expansion service can cover the gap

have any questions? no hesitation, we can help with a Free Consultation


Why Us?

Try before you buy

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Transparent pricing

Price calculated on per word basis. For example, if you have 562 words for proofreading, the price is 562 x 0.01299 = £7.30

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